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HDS Carbon Series

Serious Equipment for Serious Anglers 

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The Carbon HDS Series combines side imaging, downscan imaging, dual-channel CHIRP sonar, real-time underwater 3D mapping capabilities and ultra-bright displays to deliver the most advanced and easy-to-use fish finder/chart plotter on the market. The units’ touch-screen interface works much like a smartphone with pinch-to-zoom and touch-and-move abilities for fast and intuitive control.

HDS Carbon units also feature the ability to create custom maps using recorded sonar logs. Anglers can add custom color layers, vegetation and bottom-hardness overlays. Each unit supports the most advanced marine technology and is easily updated to the most current software for optimal performance.

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HDS Carbon 7 with No Transducer and C-MAP US Enhanced Basemap mapping
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HDS Carbon 9 with No Transducer and C-MAP US Enhanced Basemap mapping
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12-inch, LED-backlit, multi-touch, SolarMAX™ HD touchscreen display.
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16-inch ultra-clear SolarMAX™ HD multi-touch display using high-bright LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coatings. No transducer model.
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Faster redraws and quicker response times

The Best Display

Brightest, highest-resolution displays with extreme viewing angles

Structurescan 3D

3D provides double the side-scanning range and intuitive view

Powerful Processing Speed and Total Boat Control

Featuring a powerful dual-core, high-performance processor, the HDS Carbon delivers accurate and definitive images with superior target separation. HDS Carbon multi-touch, super bright displays offer a wider viewing angle and feature an advanced anti-reflective coating for ultimate viewing in bright sunlight and while wearing polarized sunglasses.

HDS Carbon units remove the hassle of constantly monitoring and repositioning the boat with connectivity to certain autopilot trolling motors and shallow water anchors, freeing up anglers to concentrate on fishing. Both bow-mounted and console sonar can be displayed side-by-side with different zoom levels for a clear and precise view of schools or individual fish.

Improved Angling with Better Decisions

Fish stick to areas of change, structure and cover, and finding these areas is critical for anglers. The HDS Carbon Series offers a complete picture with bright, high-resolution images to give you the most accurate information to help make the best decision while on the water. With the ability to simultaneously display sidescan imaging, downscan imaging, map overlays and navigational charts on a customizable four-way split screen, HDS Carbon units give anglers indispensable information that’s easy to understand for quick decision making.