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Let Lowrance Drive the Boat

Auto steering using Lowrance state-of-the-art electronics takes the guesswork out of navigation

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Auto steering of watercraft using Lowrance state-of-the-art electronics takes the
guesswork out of navigation. Pick a heading, waypoint or route and let the fingertip
control from a Lowrance Elite Ti, HDS Gen3 or HDS Carbon model provide an extra
set of hands when preparing lines or scanning for birds or bait. Lowrance can also
control cable-steer and hydraulic steer outboard motors.

Auto Steer the Trolling Motor

Lowrance Elite Ti (7, 9, 12-inch models), HDS Gen3 and HDS Carbon Series fish finders can also control certain trolling motors. A specific route can be followed or the boat can maintain a certain depth while working a shoreline based on the precise GPS and sonar data collected by the fish finder. Anglers can focus on that next cast instead of the trolling motor.

Lowrance Becomes First Mate

Lowrance HDS Series fish finders feature wide screen displays and pinpoint GPS mapping capabilities for optimum navigation. Install either the hydraulic pack or cable-steer pack and use the HDS unit to configure piloting needs. A wireless, Bluetooth remote controls autopilot from anywhere on board allowing for course corrections. The compact remote can be worn on the wrist with a lanyard or simply placed in a pocket. Autopilot packs from Lowrance are easy to install with everything needed in the box and are recommended for single outboard boats that measure 30 feet or less in length.

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