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Broadband Radars

Professional Style Radar Equipment for Recreational Use

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Lowrance has forever changed boat radar with real-time imaging from their line of Broadband Marine Radars. More than boat weather radars, Lowrance offers expanded capabilities to deliver clear and precise imaging on high-definition HDS displays of shorelines, navigation buoys, floating debris, current weather conditions, marinas and other structures along with boats from large ocean going vessels to small low-to-the-water kayaks.

Lowrance’s line of Broadband Marine Radars gives you the clearest picture of the surroundings for safe navigation in conditions of limited visibility. The line of radars is easy-to-use and is ideal for any fishing boat.

4G and 3G Radar for Optimum Performance

Lowrance offers 3G broadband capabilities, including short range performance and a max range of 24 nm in an easy-to-use design. The 4G broadband radar from Lowrance features beam sharpening and advanced clutter rejection with 50 percent more useful range than the 3G unit and twice the target identifiers. Targets shown on the 4G unit are more clear, easily identifying smaller targets through clutter.

Lowrance Broadband Radars have a compact 18-inch dome that emits extremely low emissions – less than a mobile phone. The radar has minimal power requirements and is easy to install with zero startup time. Lowrance’s broadband radar can detect targets as close as six feet by eliminating the large main bang dead zone commonly found when using magnatron or HD radar technology.

Peace of Mind Navigation

Boats equipped with the best-in-class Lowrance Broadband Radars bring a new level of navigational safety for peace of mind for captains, guides and recreational anglers. Staying aware of incoming weather and avoiding hazards such as rip rap, shoreline, other boats, and navigation buoys reduces the stress of piloting in limited visibility and unfamiliar water.

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