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WIFI-1 Module

SKU: 000-11068-001

WiFi-1 Wireless Module

Product details

The WIFI-1 is a marine-grade wireless gateway that allows owners of HDS Gen2 and HDS Gen2 Touch display units to view data when utilized in conjunction with a wireless device.* This low-profile Wi-Fi gateway is small, and includes customizable password protected access, allowing multiple tablets or smartphones to be used to view Lowrance network data.

Key Features

  • 802.11 b+g wireless connectivity
  • Support for multiple tablets and/or smartphones
  • Single SSID connection to all networked displays
  • Low-profile, rugged and waterproof device
  • Optimized for use with HDS Gen2 and HDS Gen2 Touch displays
  • Noise Filters counter disruption from VHF and make sure that you always get a clear signal
  • Draws 200mA of power (easy on battery)
  • This wireless technology will not function when an HDS Gen1 display is on the network

What's in the box?

  • WiFi-1 Power Cable
  • Ethernet Cable, 6ft


Ethernet Ports
2x 100 Mbit
Connectivity Wi Fi
802.11 b/g
Dimensions W x H x D
Warranty Period
2 year