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C-MAP Reveal

Perfect for fishing and diving enthusiasts.

Ultra-high resolution bathymetric imagery

Enter a new world of mapping with C-MAP Reveal. View the sea floor in a new light and clearly identify sea floor structure, along with reefs and ledges to find the best fishing and diving spots. C-MAP Reveal will take your charts to the next level.

Add the layer you want


Shaded relief

Attractive three-dimensional views of land elevation and bottom contours bring to life the world around your boat. Visualize underwater pinnacles and topographical landmarks easier than ever.


Satellite imagery

High-resolution satellite imagery provides real-world reference and enhances situational awareness for coastal navigation. An invaluable tool for anglers both in harbors and remote river systems.


Custom-depth shading

With custom depth shading, you can configure color palettes to highlight custom-depth ranges. If you’ve found fish in a certain depth, you can easily identify other similar areas on your chart by highlighting the depth range.


Genesis layer

Unlock previously hidden secrets of your favorite water body. Turning Genesis layer on with your C-MAP Wide or Local chart reveals contour detail as accurate as 1 foot intervals. See humps, ditches and drop offs that went unnoticed before, helping you identify new fish-holding structure to investigate.

Easy routing

Make navigation easy, with C-MAP Easy routing. Automatically calculate a detailed suggested route between two points, taking into consideration individual vessel parameters and a multitude of detailed chart information. 

Harbor and port plans

Every journey on the water starts and ends at a marina. C-MAP charts feature more detail on marinas than any other charting provider on the market, with more than 12,000 marinas in the database. Whether you are looking to identify an area to berth or fuel up, C-MAP's Wide and Local charts make it easy. 

Featured Charts