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The Lowrance FishHunter castable fishfinder brings advanced portable and wireless sonar technology ashore. 

Sonar to your smartphone

For too long, shore anglers have been left out of the fish finding game. Lowrance brings advanced portable and wireless sonar technology without the need for a boat with the Lowrance FishHunter Series of castable fish finders. These mobile fish finders connect to smartphones or tablets to provide essential data and views of the underwater environment so anglers can catch more fish.

Boasting a strong signal strength for Wi-Fi range of more than 60 yards and four times faster communication than Bluetooth, FishHunter models use the latest in sonar technology to provide a clear and accurate depiction of what lies beneath the water up to depths of 160 feet. Switch between traditional sonar and Smart Fish View for easy and simple readings of the underwater surroundings, depth, and fish location and size.

FishHunter Pro

FishHunter Pro is the world’s fastest and only tri-frequency, wireless portable fish finder. Simply toss FishHunter Pro into the water and watch everything come into focus. Take advantage of our Raw View or Fish View settings to see the bottom depth, determine bottom structure and locate fish in real time. Ice fishing enthusiasts love FishHunter Pro – just place this little device on the surface of the ice and check the depth of the water before making your ice hole.

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FishHunter 3D

FishHunter 3D is a completely portable fish finder that packs the power of 5 tri-frequency transducers into a sonar that fits in your pocket. Create custom maps of your favorite fishing spots with Bathymetric Mapping, know where to cast with Directional Casting and enjoy the lifelike images of the bottom with 3D Maps and Fishing. 

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Versatility and Flexibility

FishHunter models can be tied to a boat, kayak, canoe or float tube for an all-around fish finder. FishHunter models double as ice fish finders withstanding weather and water conditions as cold as -20 degrees.

The FishHunter App is the best fish finder app for anglers looking to place pins on maps with photos of their catch; locate marinas, bait shops and share fishing locations with other FishHunter users.

Featured Products

A portable, wireless, castable transducer which transmits sonar images to your iOS or Android phone.

A portable, wireless, castable transducer which transmits 3-D sonar images to your iOS or Android phone.