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Ice Fishing

Ensuring the fishing stays hot when the temps are cold

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Lowrance HOOK Ice Machine fishfinders with CHIRP sonar and chartplotting complete an angler’s ice fishing gear needs. Lowrance’s affordable Ice Machine fishfinders and fishfinder/chartplotter combo systems create a complete view of fish location, underwater structure, bottom composition and depth on a high-resolution LED-backlit color screen. With easy-to-use functions and fast data processing, the versatile units provide ice anglers with the best opportunity to catch more fish at a great value even on the coldest of days.

Featured Ice Fishing Products

A portable, wireless, castable transducer which transmits sonar images to your iOS or Android phone.

Multi-Season Versatility - Not Just for Ice

Each HOOK ice fishing fishfinder utilizes a cabled transducer and portable pack specifically designed for ice fishing. In warmer months, the units can also be watercraft mounted for a versatile, year-round fishfinder or chartplotter. With a GPS-enabled Lowrance unit, mounting it to your snowmobile or ATV will allow you to mark points on the map, track your route and return home safely.

Mark Waypoints and Locate Fish, Structure, Ledges and Drop-Offs

The HOOK Ice Machine fishfinder/chartplotter combo systems’ GPS mapping features lets anglers mark productive waypoints and gives ice anglers the confidence to trek around a featureless frozen surface. The units’ superior sonar capabilities deliver enhanced target separation, increased sensitivity and high performance noise rejection for the clearest view of the underwater environment. Use a Lowrance unit with built-in GPS to mark the best fishing spots in the summer and return in the winter to that exact drop-off, ledge, or other structure for ice fishing at its finest.