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Kayak Fishing

Gear up and get ready for your next kayak fishing adventure

Fishing from a kayak is fast becoming one of the more popular and exciting ways to fish. Kayak anglers will love the range of Lowrance’s products. Get more from your kayak fishing with a Lowrance display designed to help you find more fish and to navigate safely on the water.

Know what’s below you with FishHunter

FishHunter is a castable fish finder that you can take anywhere you fish. When testing out a new spot, cast the FishHunter from your kayak and view sonar data on your tablet or smartphone. This is the ultimate must-have device for portable fish finding.

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HOOK² brings the world’s easiest fish finder to your kayak

HOOK2 series displays are easy to use, and include several models perfect for kayak fishing. HOOK2 Autotuning sonar automatically adjusts your sonar settings as water conditions change. This reduces time spent adjusting settings, keeping your hands free to fish. HOOK2 features reliable, rugged construction and high performance sonar with double the sonar coverage of other fish finders.

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Find more fish with Elite Ti

Step up your kayak fishing game with Elite Ti. With the range and clarity of Elite Ti displays, fish will have nowhere to hide. Anglers will have an easier time finding fish with the TotalScan all-in-one transducer featuring Lowrance CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging.

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Featured Products

A portable, wireless, castable transducer which transmits 3-D sonar images to your iOS or Android phone.