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Freshwater Fishing

Find Australian natives and the structure they reside in

We find. You fish.

Whether in a Cape York billabong or Tasmanian trout lake, there is one common behaviour shared by Australian freshwater fish - a penchant for structure.

Our natives are hardwired to find submerged timber, weed beds, creek beds, boulders and pylons, zones which not only offer cover, but harbour baitfish also. With Lowrance sounders, clear and easy visibility of these areas leave fish with nowhere to hide.

See more, find more, catch more


CHIRP sonar

See fish with unrivalled target separation.



Picture-like images of fish and structure below.



Identify fish and structure out both sides of the boat


StructureScan 3D

Visualise underwater gradients, fish and structure like never before.


Find more fish, easier and faster. FishReveal™ differentiates crystal clear CHIRP sonar fish targets from superior-high resolution views of bottom detail, structure and baitfish. The fish you want to catch are differentiated by colour so you can Identify them at a glance.

Cast with confidence

"Without my sounder I probably wouldn't have got to this spot, or caught this fish."

Avid Murray cod angler Darren Weda explains how he uses his sounder to identify fish holding areas. Being in zones with the right depth, water temperture and structure are critical to keeping the confidence up when targeting monster cod. 

Better Maps. Better Fishing.

C-MAP Genesis charts revolutionised freshwater impoundment fishing in Australia.

Through user generated data, precise contour detail became available for freshwater systems once uncharted. With features such as custom contour shading, vegetation layers and live charting in your trail, C-MAP Genesis will help you find more fish and navigate new water safely.

Imaging for your favourite species


Australian bass

CHIRP Sonar identifies which part of the water column schooled bass are holding so you can drop a lure on their nose.



Employ DownScan over a submerged tree to tell if there are barra simply holding or feeding on baitfish present.


Murray cod

Use SideScan to know if cod are high in the water column looking for surface prey, or sitting beside a granite boulder waiting for your swimbait to ambush.



Visualise yellowbelly holding slopes, points and weed edges in dams with StructureScan 3D.