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Lowrance Software Release Features Safety Enhancements, SiriusXM Fish Mapping Integration

Tulsa, Okla. – Lowrance®, a world-leader in fishing electronics since 1957, rolled-out updated software this month for its line of HDS Live, HDS Carbon and Elite FS fishfinders. The updates include a series of radar interface improvements and new features focused on safety, like Dangerous Target Alert updates, as well as several key product integrations.

The new radar improvements make it easier to view, track and monitor vessels, and identify vessels that may be a risk to the user's course. New icons for the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and symbols for radar tracked targets allow greater clarity of risks and can be combined into one unified view. In addition, several new updates enhance connectivity, comfort and control including integrations with the ITC Lighting Control Bar, IP Cam-1 marine video camera (HDS Live only) and Honda ECO Mode.

“This latest software update has brought even more clarity to our Lowrance interface with updated icons and clearer symbology to go with a more vivid display for the radar range rings,” said Lucas Steward, Executive Vice President of Lowrance brand. “Users will love the new look and the enhancements to our radar tracked targets, Dangerous Target Alert and AIS that make boats with Lowrance electronics even safer. We’ve also added a host of integrations with other technologies.”

On the safety side, updates include Radar and AIS Target Association. When the radar and the AIS signal acquire the same target for tracking, the system will display the target with one symbol. This reduces the number of AIS symbols and radar targets on the Plan Position Indicator (Fig 1). Radar and AIS targets now display a graduated trail showing the vessels past position history for greater situational awareness (Fig 2).

Fig 1   Fig 2

Also added is a new Dangerous Target Alert that warns the operator of dangerous radar and AIS targets according to the dangerous target parameters in Vessel settings and Tracked Targets. The Dangerous Target Alert provides a simple diagram in a pop-up window that appears on the bottom left of the screen. It will show the range, the graphical bearing and heading of the vessel in relation to the operator’s vessel. This is a significant safety tool that not only alerts the user but guides them to the relative range and bearing of the dangerous target.

The newly-added integrations for the Honda ECO Mode and ITC Lighting Control Bar will now be available on HDS Live, HDS Carbon and Elite FS displays while the IP CAM-1 marine camera is now supported on HDS Live through this software update with a simple set-up on the “Add Camera” page.

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