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Always Know Where You Are and Where You're Going.

Fishing is now a more sophisticated sport and Lowrance offers the best fishfinders and mapping units for recreational and professional anglers, off-road enthusiasts and near-shore vessels. Mapping has become essential for maximizing your fishing time. Returning to a waypoint that marks habitat such as a bend in a creek, a hump or stump is critical to fishing success. Retracing a route, exploring new waters or simply knowing current location are clearly defined with pinpoint GPS accuracy.

Mapping Units for Everyone

Kayakers and canoers can experience the confidence provided by a Lowrance mapping unit. The HOOK Reveal family of fishfinder and chartplotter combination units combines sonar scanning with simple GPS mapping in compact and portable offerings ideal for small crafts and ice fishing. The Elite FS series offers premium mapping solutions with touchscreen management and includes tracing and wireless update capabilities. For the angler that wants it all, Lowrance presents the HDS LIVE families that feature custom mapping of uncharted water, structure overlays and 3D charting.

C-MAP Genesis Custom Mapping

Insight Genesis is now known as C-MAP Genesis, which empowers boaters to create custom contour maps of their favorite fishing and boating areas. Whether mapping previously uncharted waters or ensuring surveyed water details are accurate and current, C-MAP Genesis delivers a new level of personal mapping for boaters.

The C-MAP Genesis Social Map is a free, global, online presentation of inland and coastal data generated by the Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G communities of fishing, cruising, and sailing enthusiasts. Anyone with a Free or Premium Insight Genesis subscription has unlimited access to the Insight Genesis Social Map and can also export maps for personal use on the water.



DISCOVER all you need to make the most of your time on the water. Full-featured Vector Charts with High-Res Bathy, including integrated Genesis® social data.


REVEAL charts bring you the very best of C-MAP, including game-changing Shaded Relief – bringing the world around and beneath you to life in a completely new way.

Sonar and Mapping are a Great Combo

The advantages of having a fishfinder and a mapping unit are very obvious to any angler. With Lowrance sonar and GPS combo units, anglers can log sonar readings, create boating routes and pinpoint fishing locations before leaving home. Lowrance sonar units with built-in map improve water safety and fishing efficiency with precise, real-time GPS navigation.

Nautical Maps Made Simple!

Our charts are accurate without being cluttered with a clear and sleek design, showing you all the information you need to navigate and fish at anytime, anywhere.

C-MAP App can be used seamlessly from a phone, tablet or computer to:

  • Plan your trip: easily create waypoints and routes.
  • Check for great fishing spots with our high resolution bathymetry.
  • Save your favorite places and tracks to revisit them later (or share!)


14 day FREE trial of premium features like offline maps, weather, and tide information!

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