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VHF/AIS Marine Communications

Maintain water awareness with Lowrance VHF and AIS technology on your boat.

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Whether fixed-mounted or handheld, VHF radios are one of the most important communication and safety devices for anglers and boaters. From simple boat-to-boat or boat-to-shore communications to calling out or responding to on-the-water emergencies, VHF radios deliver peace of mind while on the water.  

Lowrance’s rugged, waterproof VHF marine radios meet international compliance standards and are relied on by both commercial and recreational anglers and boaters. Many of the easy-to-use models are Class D, DSC Approved with the single-button distress call and instant vessel identification.

Reduce Risk of Collision with Lowrance

Using Automatic Identification System (AIS), Lowrance’s transponders automatically broadcasts a vessel’s identification, position, course and speed and receives surrounding vessels’ info to prevent collisions in congested shipping lanes and ports. Both the compact NAIS-500 and NAIS-400 draw minimal power and network with HDS Series fishfinders and chartplotter combo units as well as Lowrance VHF radios.