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Lowrance at the World Predator Classic

Team 1

Matt Boast & Jan Boomsma - Boat 1
Jeremy Staverman and Jelle De Long - Boat 2


mat b fb.jpg

Matt Boast

Lure fishing enthusiast focusing on freshwater predators in the UK and Europe from both bank and boat. A Lowrance Ambassador with years of experience under his belt
Jan Boomsma.jpg

Jan Boomsma

Jan Boomsma; Professional fishing guide from the Netherlands. Fishing for perch, Pike Zander and Asp, with personal records of Pike 20,7kilo 123cm, perch 3,2 kilo 54, zander 10,1kilo 102,5cm, asp 80cm.
jeremy staverman.jpg

Jeremy Staverman

As two time WPC winner, two time PredatorTour winner and two time Dutch Zander Champion, Jeremy is a very experienced competition angler. His main targets are of course the fish needed for the competitions, pike, perch and zander. Jeremy hopes to lift the trophy once again at WPC!
jelle de Long.jpg

Jelle De Long

Jelle’s lived by the sea in Holland his whole life and has fished with his brothers since he was a child. Now his speciality is hunting down big pikes. Out every week in his aluminium fishing boat; he has been preparing for WPC and is ready to smash some PB’s.

Team 2

Boat 1: Ari Paataja & Pekka Laitinen
Boat 2: Pierre Johnen and Patrick Wischermann

Ari Paataja.jpg

Ari Paataja

As a professional fishing guide Ari has extensive knowledge, targeting mainly pike, perch and Zander Ari thrives on fishing new species around the world and discovering new fishing technology.
Pekker Laitinen.JPG

Pekka Laitinen

Another experienced Finnish fisherman specialized to predator fishing and all around fly fishing. Now third time at WPC Europe challenging the European pros.
pierre johnen.jpg

Pierre Johnen

Being close to the border with two prime predator fisheries in the Netherlands and Belgium, Pierre has been fishing since his childhood. Participating in the NCP Pierre now has a taste for competition, his experience in varied conditions on the water make him fierce competition.

Patrick Wischermann

This is Patrick's first year of competing in the WPC. Fishing for over 25 years, specialising in predatory lure fishing, his PB sits with a 120cm Pike pictured in the photo. He now hopes to break his record with a Zander over 80cm.