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Saltwater Fishing

Electronics you can depend on in coastal and inshore environments

We find. You fish.

From pin-pointing a barra sitting on a snag to navigating to your favourite snapper reef, Lowrance makes it easy.

Reliability is key in the saltwater environment and so many guides and recreational anglers choose Lowrance for this reason. Our sonar technologies ensure you’re on the fish, whilst advanced chartplotting and radar functionality help you return safely to the ramp.

See more, find more, catch more


CHIRP sonar

See fish with unrivalled target separation.



Picture-like images of fish and structure below.



Identify fish and structure out both sides of the boat.


StructureScan 3D

Visualise underwater gradients, fish and structure like never before.


Find more fish, easier and faster. FishReveal™ differentiates crystal clear CHIRP sonar fish targets from superior-high resolution views of bottom detail, structure and baitfish. The fish you want to catch are differentiated by colour so you can Identify them at a glance.

Remove the guesswork

"When it comes to big snapper, a stealthy approach is the key."

Guesty from Reel Action helps out with some tips on how to fish for snapper with soft plastics - he covers how to set up your drift line, what to look for on the sonar screen and what tackle he finds works best.

Mark fish with ease

“I turned it on, and it just worked. So easy.”

Finding fish shouldn't be hard. Keen kayak angler Darren Weda shows how easy it is to see fish amongst structure and pinpoint your casts. Lowrance HOOK² is ideal for boats, tinnies and kayaks looking for a standalone solution with premium features, such as SideScan, at an affordable price point. 

Better maps. Better fishing.

C-MAP Genesis changed the game for saltwater anglers, providing precise contour detail for systems once uncharted. Through user generated data shared on a social map, you can navigate to your favourite drop off or investigate that deep hole you weren't aware of. 

Lowrance units are also compatible with C-MAP off-the-shelf charts, with contour, channel marker, marine park and tide data available. 

Find. Navigate. Dominate.

In a competitve situation, only the best will do. Lowrance HDS is the choice of champion tournament anglers around the country, from the bream to barra circuit. Hear from our pro's on why they choose Lowrance.