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Kayak Fishing

Find more fish on your next kayak fishing adventure

We find. You fish.

There’s no doubt the ease, simplicity and cost effectiveness of paddle power has led to the spike in kayak fishing popularity in recent years.

We realise this, and as such have a range of easy to use and affordable fishfinders and chartplotters ideal for kayaks. With Lowrance on board you can maximise the value of your time on the water, and catch those fish that anglers in a boat or on-foot simply can’t.

See more, find more, catch more


CHIRP sonar

See fish with unrivalled target separation.



Picture-like images of fish and structure below.



Identify fish and structure out both sides of the boat


StructureScan 3D

Visualise underwater gradients, fish and structure like never before.

Find fish with ease

“I turned it on, and it just worked. So easy.”

Finding fish shouldn't be hard. Keen kayak angler Darren Weda shows how easy it is to see fish amongst structure and pinpoint your casts. Lowrance HOOK² is ideal for kayaks looking for a standalone solution with premium features, such as SideScan, at an affordable price point. 

View the HOOK² range

Easy Hobie Integration

For modern Hobie fishing kayaks, the Lowrance Ready System makes installation a breeze with a pre-fitted transducer mounting plate.

For kayaks without the Lowrance Ready System, the use of a flexible waterproof adhesive to bed a transducer inside the kayak hull is a popular, alternative mounting technique. 

Effortless touch operation

Bring the ease of an intuitive touch screen to your time on the water with Lowrance Elite Ti.

Bundled with a TotalScan all-in-one transducer, fish have nowhere to hide with integrated CHIRP sonar, DownScan and SideScan views available. With a customisable split-screen page configuration, you can employ all your fishfinding tools at once, or one at a time with a simple touch.

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