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Elite Ti Series

High-End Features and Functions at Affordable Prices

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The Elite Ti Series is one of the best-selling Lowrance fishfinders because it offers high-end features at an economical price. Anglers looking to step up their fish-finding game will have everything they need in these easy-to-use, touchscreen units. From traditional CHIRP sonar and GPS navigation to high-resolution SideScan and DownScan Imaging -- the Elite Ti Series gives serious anglers the tools needed to be successful on the water.

Whether you are a big water angler needing deep-water capabilities or looking for a fishfinder for your kayak, Lowrance has something for everyone. From logging sonar to pre-planning trips by creating routes and waypoints, more time is left for fishing.


Easy to Use

Quality touch screen and simple navigation for ease of use

Lowrance Elite Ti Three Panel CHIRP-SSHD 12-16_17104.jpg

Find More Fish

Find more fish and structure with better clarity and range


Better Connected

MotorGuide® Xi5 trolling motor and Power-Pole® control to keep you on the fish

Hassle-Free Fishing

The Elite Ti's intuitive touchscreen interface works much like a smartphone screen with the added bonus of displaying up to four different functions simultaneously so you can make quicker on-the-water decisions.

Elite Ti units allows anglers to focus more on fishing by removing the hassle of repositioning the boat or dropping anchor via integrated wireless connectivity, enabling control of certain trolling motors and Power-Pole® shallow water anchors.

High-Resolution Imaging for Finer Detail

With the range and clarity of Elite Ti displays, fish will have nowhere to hide. SideScan and DownScan Imaging provide super-fine details with full views of structure, fish, bait location and bottom contours under the boat and up to 300 feet to the sides of the boat. Even fish holding tight to the bottom can be seen with Elite Ti. If you miss marking fish, bait, structure or contours, use the TrackBack feature to review your sonar history.