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Kayak Fishing

Gear up and get ready for your next kayak fishing adventure

Fishing from a kayak is fast becoming one of the more popular and exciting ways to fish. Kayak anglers will love the range of Lowrance’s products. Get more from your kayak fishing with a Lowrance display designed to help you find more fish and to navigate safely on the water.

Know what’s below you with FishHunter

FishHunter is a castable fishfinder that you can take anywhere you fish. When testing out a new spot, cast the FishHunter from your kayak and view sonar data on your tablet or smartphone. This is the ultimate must-have device for portable fish finding.


Discover FishHunter

HOOK² brings the world’s easiest fishfinder to your kayak

HOOK² series displays are easy to use, and include several models perfect for kayak fishing. HOOK² Autotuning sonar automatically adjusts your sonar settings as water conditions change. This reduces time spent adjusting settings, keeping your hands free to fish. HOOK² features reliable, rugged construction and high performance sonar with double the sonar coverage of other fishfinders.