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Freshwater anglers, it is now possible to overlay Social Map on a nautical chart


C-MAP released Genesis

Earlier in 2018, C-MAP released Genesis. By activating this layer, you can overlay Social Map data of inland waters onto MAX-N+ charts.

C-MAP Genesis is a cloud-based service that empowers anglers to create custom, high-definition contour maps from sonar data recorded with a compatible Sonar/GPS unit from their own boats. The layer is compatible with Navico products.

Here is how to activate the Genesis Layer on your Lowrance or Simrad device.

C-MAP Genesis focuses also on providing the detailed bottom structure


While a nautical charts are made for taking the user from A to B on a safe route, C-MAP Genesis focuses also on providing the detailed bottom structure. This is very important for anglers. While nautical charts lack the proper resolution for fishing, C-MAP Genesis has one foot variance. All data available on Social Map is embedded into C-MAP MAX-N+ charts and a new release is made twice a year. You can download the latest version on wwww.gofreemarine.com 

Don’t forget to contribute! Sign on your Genesis account and start uploading. Every little sonar recording make a difference.

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