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How to customize the colormap of your C-MAP charts with Custom Depth Shading

Custom Depth Shading enables the user to customize the colors of the chart, and highlight a specific contour interval with specific colors. It is a feature compatible with C-MAP MAX-N+ and Genesis.


The advantage of this feature is it helps you to quickly identify the depth just by glancing at the map from further away. You can setup the chart however you want, depending on your target or depth you are aiming to fish at.

Setting up your own custom colors is easy, just follow the steps...

1) Click on the View button

2) Click on Shading button

3) Click on Custom button

4) You are now in the Custom Depth Shading menu

1)      You can choose the color by your own preference. You can chose one unique color for every meter interval. Depending on the area and situation you might want to increase or decrease this scale.

 The scale we chose in this particular case is:

0-2    meter = RED

2-4    meter = YELLOW

4-6     meter = GREEN

6-8     meter = PINK

8-10   meter = PURPLE

+10    meter = ORANGE

The map now displays the chosen color scheme.

 Please note how the structure and drop offs visually stand out from the rest. This way, you get a quicker access and overview of key areas. Through custom shading, distinguishing between depth and structure is easier (e.g. steep drop offs with tight contour lines).