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Link-8 VHF Radio

Link-8 Fixed Mount VHF Radio
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Kayak Scupper Mount

Kayak Scupper Mount
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CA-2 Cigarette Power Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Uni-plug Displays
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LST-3800 In-Dash Digital Depth and Temp

In dash digital depth and temp display High-contrast dot matrix display with advanced LED backlighting. Depth capability to 700 feet (213 m). Compact size fits standard 2-1/8" (55mm) diameter hole
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StructureScan HD Stainless Steel Transducer

Stainless Steel StructureScan HD Thru-Hull Transducer StructureScan HD single Stainless Steel Thru-hull with high speed fairing block. Elements for SideScan (left and right) as well as DownScan. Flat mount or cut fairing block only
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Point-1 Autopilot GPS/Heading Antenna

Point-1 GPS Antenna with Integrated Compass
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xSonic SS175H-W/20 Chirp Transducer 20° 1kW Tilted Element

Stainless Steel, Thru-Hull 130-210kHz Single Channel CHIRP Transducer (Wide Angle)
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xSonic Airmar SS75M 20°

Stainless Steel, Thru-hull, 80-130 kHz Single Channel CHIRP transducer (20° Tilt)
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HDS Carbon 16 with StructureScan 3D Bundle

HDS-16 Carbon with StructureScan® 3D™ Module, StructureScan® 3D™ Transducer and C-MAP US Enhanced Basemap mapping. Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar.. Dual Network Sonar Views.. Most Advanced Fishfinder Technology.. Quickly Make Adjustments with quick-touch slider bars.. Integrated wireless connectivity.. Plug-and-play compatibility with all Lowrance networkable modules.. Network Analyzer detects devices with out-of-date software.. TotalScan™ all-in-one transducer ready. Point-1 Antenna support (external). Precision-9 Compass compatibility
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