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StructureScan HD Stainless Steel Transducer

SKU: 000-11459-001

Stainless Steel StructureScan HD Thru-Hull Transducer

Product details

The StructureScan HD Thru-Hull Stainless steel versions deliver extreme target detail, bottom discrimination and bait and game fish separation at depths to 300ft and a wider range of 600ft side-to-side coverage. All StructureScan HD transducers are packed with an enhanced dual-frequency element array that operates at 455 kHz and 800 kHz. These transducers include a high-performance fairing that will give you Structure performance at speeds up to 35 mph and feature a 30ft transducer cable.

Key Features

  • StructureScan HD single Stainless Steel Thru-hull with high speed fairing block
  • Elements for SideScan (left and right) as well as DownScan
  • Flat mount or cut fairing block only