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C-MAP Max N+

Premium coastal charts that boaters have relied on for decades. 

High Resolution Coastal Charts

Give yourself the best chance of finding fish, with High Resolution
Bathymetric Charts. Zero in on the likely spots where fish will be holding.
Find underwater pinnacles, ledges, or canyons that are magnets for fish. Find the structure, find the fish.

Traditional View

Dynamic Raster Charts gives you a traditional nautical chart view with the ability to access important information including buoys, lights and other details.

Birds Eye Perspective

High-resolution satellite imagery with birds eye perspective view for enhanced situational awareness.


Plan your day

With dynamic tides and current projection, plan your day out on the water.

CMAP Custom Color Shading - Coastal - Red 40-60 feet.png

Custom Shaded Depths

Shaded depths make it easy to distinguish different water depths, and allow you to personalise your map.


Harbor Charts and Port Info

Let us take the guesswork out of entering a new harbor or port, with detailed harbor charts, and port info.