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Check for great fishing spots.

Nautical Maps Made Simple!

Our charts are accurate without being cluttered with a clear and sleek design, showing you all the information you need to navigate and fish at anytime, anywhere.

C-MAP App can be used seamlessly from a phone, tablet or computer to:

  • Plan your trip: easily create waypoints and routes.
  • Check for great fishing spots with our high resolution bathymetry.
  • Save your favorite places and tracks to revist them later (or share!)


14 day FREE trial of premium features like offline maps, weather, and tide information!

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High Quality Marine Maps, Wherever You Go

C-MAP App maps are carefully crafted to highlight what is most important at any given time. We keep the same accuracy but we avoid having a cluttered view. The maps are smart too, adjusting the colours and contrast automatically, so you’ll always be able to read them clearly.

C-MAP App is powered by map data from official hydrographic offices. This data is continuously updated and augmented from thousands of data sources, to help complete gaps in near-shore and inland water bodies, providing C-MAP App users with exceptional clarity where it matters most.

Are you heading to an area without network coverage? Upgrade to Premium and download offline maps.

Bottom Level Structure Defined

We know how important it is to know what lies beneath the water when fishing. By selecting contours mode you will get a high resolution bathymetry view. Plan your route at the comfort of your home, knowing in advance, where the best fishing spots are.

C-MAP App maps cover inland and coastal waters worldwide.

Fish beware!

Breeze Through Your Route Planning

Our route planner lets you plot a route and check your ETA quickly. You can plan in advance from your computer and C-MAP App will automically sync the route to your mobile or tablet so you are ready to go.

Heading into unknown waters or planning a trip with friends? Share routes with others for quick feedback. Any updates to your route will be visible to those you’ve shared it with.

Save Your Favorite Fishing Spots

Have you found a great fishing spot that you want to remember? Save it as a personal place in your map. Add a photo, write some notes and you’ll have a great log book of your favorite places.

Want to give a friend a tip about a great fishing spot? C-MAP App lets you share places with a few friends or the entire world. You decide.

Follow The Same Safe Passage Every Time

Tracks shows a breadcrumb trail of where you’ve travelled in your map, so you can always repeat your way.

Tracks are also perfect for showing others where they should travel. C-MAP App lets you share tracks easily via a text message or email. The recipient doesn’t even need to use C-MAP App to view your track.

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C-MAP App Reviews



Great app! Worked amazing in northern maine on a lake we had never been on, with 75 yeard visibility in fog. SAVED the morning fishing trip! No it’s not an expensive commercial navigation instrument. It does however perform much of the same function, right on your phone!


Great use



Great help

I enjoyed this app during my cruise along Norway fjords. Congrats!



Excellent app. I use it each time I am on my boat.