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Highly accurate mapping for coastal and inland waters

Maps that help you find more fish

Give yourself the best chance of finding fish with C-MAP’s premium high detail charts. Zero in on underwater pinnacles, ledges or holes that are likely to hold fish.

Choose from multiple chart options to help find the structure, and find more fish. 

Ultra-high resolution bathymetric imagery

REVEAL charts bring you the very best of C-MAP, including game-changing Shaded Relief – bringing the world around and beneath you to life in a completely new way.

Continental charts

If you are heading far and wide, C-MAP’s continental chart range is for you. Offering the largest geographical coverage, these highly detailed, 2D vector coastal waters charts are built on official Hydrograhic Office data to ensure accuracy, dependability and safety. With features such as harbour plans and easy routing, they make navigation a breeze, whilst high resolution bathymetric data gives you the upper hand in finding fish.  

Wide and Local Charts

C-MAP’s Wide and Local charts are the most complete mapping experience for avid salt water anglers. The best fish-finding features are packed into these charts, including: high resolution bathymetry, genesis layer, custom depth shading, 3D views and satellite imagery. Available in two sizes: Wide and Local, which both sport the same accurate data and levels of detail, just different coverage areas depending on your needs.

C-MAP Genesis

C-MAP Genesis charts revolutionised freshwater fishing whilst also offering huge advantages to saltwater anglers.  

Through user generated data, precise 1-foot contour detail became available for systems once uncharted. With features such as custom contour shading, vegetation layers and live mapping in your trail, C-MAP Genesis will help your find more fish and navigate new water safely.