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Enhanced Basemap

Finding areas to fish is now easier than ever with preloaded C-MAP charts. 

Contours you can trust

Preloaded on all HDS Live, Elite Ti² and HOOK² units are contours derived from the most accurate data available from the Australian Hydrographic Office. Enjoy peace of mind whilst navigating with your preloaded C-MAP basemap.

Avoid marine parks with ease

In some parts of the country, it can be very confusing to work out which areas fishing is permitted. The C-MAP preloaded basemap makes it easy, zoning marine parks on your chart so you can avoid them whilst on the water. 

Tide data at your fingertips

Want to get to a spot before a tide change, or see how long you have before needing to get out of an intertidal zone? Embedded tide graphs make it easy, with up to date information at your current time from the closest tide station to your location. 

Sun and moon

As anglers, we know that fish bite at certain times, whether it be a change of light or particular moon phase. With preloaded sunrise, sunset and moon phase data, you can now pin point those times easily whilst on the water. 

Take your charts to the next level

The preloaded charts on your unit offer just a taste of the features C-MAP has to offer. With unbeatable detail down to 1-foot contours and premium satellite overlay and 3D views, C-MAP’s other cartography products offer substantial upgrades.

Explore C-MAP upgrade options