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How to register

Why register?

By registering for an account we can keep you updated with the latest news, software updates and exclusive product offers and releases, as well as making it very easy for you everytime you want to purchase a product on

To Login/Register

Select Login Icon on the top right of your screen .

You will then be offered the chance to sign in or sign up, using your exisiting details via Microsoft, Facebook or Google Plus, to sign in with email and password, or to sign up/register with a new email address.

If you decide to sign up with a new email address you will be asked to validate your email address, before filling in your details, please check your junk mail if you do not recieve an email within a few minutes, as they can sometimes get stuck.

Please then fill in your details and submit and you will be registered, you can then click on the account icon on the top right and edit your account details, add addresses, register your products or view online purchase order history.

Guest Checkout

You can check out and purchase products as a guest if you wish, but this will mean you will miss out on all the latest software updates, notifications and news.