Lowrance Pro Team Tips

Boat Ramp Banter

April 10, 2017

Peter Jenkins talks about his experience with talking with curious locals at the boat ramp. It's a fun time for him to share insights about his boat and electronics.

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Q&A: QLD Impoundment Barramundi with Peter Price

February 12, 2017

In a Q and A session with Lowrance, Peter revealed how to get the most out of his HDS-12 Gen3 and StructureScan 3D electronics in finding the fish of a lifetime.

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How to Edit Data Overlays

January 12, 2017

Peter Jenkins shares how you can get the most out of a Lowrance sounder by customising the data overlay on your screen.

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Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Review

October 27, 2016

Ben Coombes from CAST eMag reviews the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti and finds the out-of-the-box product to be a breeze to install and use.

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Top 3 Sounder Settings You Should Know About

October 17, 2016

Dale Ward shares the top 3 settings you should pay attention to on a Lowrance sounder to get the best image clarity on the water.

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How to Log Sonar/Create Social Maps

September 27, 2016

Create your own maps with Insight Genesis. Check out Peter Jenkin's article for a step-by-step process.

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Nick Whyte Talks about Flathead Top Gun Win

September 19, 2016

Nick Whyte talks about how he used HDS Gen3 and StructureScan 3D to win the Flathead Top Gun competition.

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StructureScan vs Standard Sonar

September 14, 2016

Dean answers one of the most common questions he gets asked: what type of transducer should I install? In this article, he explains the difference between StructureScan and a standard sonar.

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How to Choose the Right Fishing Spots During Pre-Fishing Sessions

August 31, 2016

Nabeel Issa reveals his secrets on how to find the best spots for fishing during tournaments.

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