Sonar Log Viewer

The Sonar Viewer is a downloadable PC-based software application that plays back any file recorded with a sonar-enabled product with a MMC/SD memory card slot. Features include:

Version 2.1.2 New Features

  • Support for StructureScan log files
  • Support for SL2 files
  • Outputs chart information in Excel spreadsheet format
  • Support for multiple channel viewing with synchronization
  • New "User Defined Regions" allows the user to display different user-defined color schemes for surface clutter, fish returns, and bottom tracking

Sonar Viewer Features

  • Adjustable range, zoom, sensitivity, color line, noise rejection, surface clarity, etc. of the recorded file.

  • Color interpretation of sonar signals can be user defined.

  • Operates like a Windows Multimedia Player with forward, reverse, pause, fast forward, fast reverse, and scroll buttons.

  • Adjustments update the entire record displayed

  • Window can dynamically be sized on your monitor.

  • Mouse cursor shows GPS position, depth and sounding number anywhere on the visible record.

Downloadable Files:

Sonar Viewer Application with example sonar record

Download Now (10 MB)