Sonar Modules

The Leader In Sonar Performance

Since 1957, Lowrance has led the way to provide anglers of all skill levels with the best possible underwater view of fish and fish-holding structure. From the Fish Lo-K-Tor – also known as the “The Little Green Box” – to today’s powerful HDS Gen2 fishfinder/chartplotter models and StructureScan® HD, Lowrance’s commitment to produce award- and tournament-winning sonar technology continues today as a primary focus.

StructureScan 3D

StructureScan® 3D imaging scans underwater terrain and fish-holding structure to create a high-resolution, 180-degree, three-dimensional view beneath your boat.  With this unique imaging view, anglers gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their boat. StructureScan 3D is powered by a multi-beam sonar technology that not only produces picture-like, three-dimensional views of underwater structure and bottom contours, but also boosts the performance of two-dimensional Downscan and StructureScan HD imaging.


SpotlightScan™ Sonar

SpotlightScan™ Sonar trolling-motor transducer delivers a new level of angler-controlled, surround-scanning views to provide picture-like images of key fishing areas on your HDS Gen2* or HDS Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter display. Similar to the way a scanning spotlight reveals objects in the dark, SpotlightScan™ Sonar clearly pinpoints structure and fish targets ahead and around the boat, so anglers save valuable time on the water and maintain focus on the most productive fishing spots – all without disturbing these areas before you have a chance to fish them.

SonarHub™ Sounder Module

The compact SonarHub™ Sounder Module provides an all-in-one solution for adding best-in-class StructureScan® HD and single-channel CHIRP sonar capabilities to compatible Lowrance fishfinder/chartplotter displays.

Change Your View – StructureScan® HD

  • View and create underwater charts
  • Choose your favorite HDS® Gen2 mapping option
  • TrackBack and never miss a key hotspot

The new real-time StructureMap™ overlay feature* is only available on HDS® Gen2 models.  Allows anglers and boaters to view and create life-like underwater images of the lake, river or seafloor.

*Optional with StructureScan® sonar imaging module.

StructureScan gives anglers an unprecedented picture-like view of the water around and under a boat. Displaying precise depth and distance information as well as images that require no interpretation, StructureScan HD takes the guesswork out of sonar technology. A sunken tree looks like a tree, weeds like weeds and rock piles like rock piles.

With a traditional sonar signal, a three-dimensional cone is broadcast from the transducer on your boat to the lakebed or seafloor. The returned signals are interpreted in two dimensions on a fishfinder display to show you what’s below your boat. This is useful information to identify fish holding locations.

Anglers can use it to see as far as 250 feet (76 meters) to the left and right of a boat, so they can quickly eliminate unproductive waters and find the locations most likely to hold fish. StructureScan HD technology also supports exclusive DownScan Imaging™ for dedicated picture-like views beneath the boat, as well as TrackBack™ functionality. With TrackBack, anglers can scroll back in the recorded history of StructureScan sonar imaging to review structure or fish targets and pinpoint locations with a waypoint for immediate or future exploration. Maintaining active recording at all times, TrackBack allows you to avoid losing important sonar data and eliminates the need to waste gas circling back to review critical fishing areas.