LRA-1800 HD Radar

2 kW radome radar with 5.2° horizontal beamwidth and 25° vertical beamwidth. Features Interference Rejection FTC STC and more.
High Definition Digital Radar features Radar/Chart Overlay Gain and Sea Clutter adjustment Smart STC  Automatic Tuning and color palette choices.   LRA-1800 is compatible with: All HDS models. GlobalMap 9300c HD GlobalMap 9200c GlobalMap 8300c HD GlobalMap 8200c GlobalMap Baja 840c GlobalMap 7300c HD GlobalMap 7200c Globalmap 5200c Globalmap 5300c iGPS Globalmap Baja 540c LCX-113c HD LCX-112c LCX-38c HD LCX-37c LCX-28c HD LCX-27c LMS-520c LMS-522c iGPS LMS-525c DF LMS-525c DF X510c X515c DF are also compatible with purchase of the RIM-300 interface cable (000-0121-10).   Products may require a free software upgrade .
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Key Features

2 kW 18" radome module  5.2° horizontal beamwidth 25° vertical beamwidth up to 24 nm range

This product is discontinued.


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