LRA-1000 Radome Radar

2 kW radome radar with 7° horizontal beam width and 25° vertical beam width. Features Interference Rejection FTC STC and more.

Offering outstanding performance features such as Interference Rejection (up to 3 levels) FTC (Rain Clutter Rejection) STC (Sea Clutter Rejection - up to 256 levels) Gain Adjustment (up to 256 levels) Automatic Tuning and 7 levels of Trail Settings.   Compatible with GlobalMap 5200C 5300C iGPS 6500C 6600C HD 7200C 7300C HD 7500C 7600C HD 8200C 8300C HD 9200C 9300C HD Baja 540C Baja 840C and LCX-25C LCX-26C HD LCX-27C LCX-28C HD LCX-37C LCX-38C HD LCX-110C LCX-111C HD LCX-112C LCX-113C HD LMS-520C LMS-522C iGPS LMS-525C DF LMS-527C DF iGPS X510C and X515C DF.

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Key Features

2 kW 1 foot radome module  7° horizontal beamwidth 25° vertical beamwidth up to 16 nm range FTC (Rain Clutter Rejection) - on/off only

This product is discontinued.