Toolkit Partners offers the most detailed maps for anglers, both printed and digital for plotters. We cover a selection of the best fishing lakes in the southwestern parts of Sweden. Our charts are used by competition anglers hunting trophy pike and zander and will give you a good chance of finding great fishing spots.

Legend Cartography     

Legend Cartography Offers both SD and MicroSD Cards containing two different series of GPS Lake Maps.

Legend Lakes - contains High Definition "Legend Lakes" and standard contour maps with additional features such as boat accesses, creek channels, roads, submerged features, cities, and defined fishing structures. Currently Available for North Dakota.

Unleashed Lakes - contains the same high quality mapping as the Legend Lakes series but provides additional features such as historic and current aerial imagery and topographic maps in both pre-defined and custom areas. Historic Imagery, and historic topographic maps currently available for Devils, Stump, and Pelican Lake ND. Now you can see what you've ACTUALLY been fishing.

As our coverage is continuously expanding, visit Legend Cartography for more information.

     The ultimate angler’s digital map and fishing card, Fishing Hot Spots® Pro USA delivers more fishing information and map data than any other single chip. Nearly 6,000 Enhanced Lakes across the USA are available with detailed shorelines and depth contours. Purchase Fishing Hot Spots® Pro

  Bulstar Map offers a complete coverage of Bulgarian Black sea coast, Donau river and most popular Bulgarian lakes. Exclusive with a purchase of a Lowrance GPS unit. Bulgarian black sea coast, Bulgarian part of Donau river, Most Bulgarian lakes.

     Rugged Routes creates map cards for OHV use which include satellite and aerial imagery, streets, highways, off road trails, point of interest and more. These map cards are specifically for HDS and Elite HD Lowrance GPS units.

Download Rugged Routes maps from the Insight Store now!

The nv-charts are characterized by fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth lines – red for the 2-meter-line and blue for the 5-m-areas. The importance of good graphical representation of the topography when sailing is essential. Well marked rivers, towns and street plans all help to give a clear overall view of the shore side facilities of the islands. In waters soundings and heights are given in meters. Large scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages.

  • high quality cartography
  • remarkable data also off the beaten tracks
  • many own resurveys
  • Includes Harbor & Anchorage plans
  • Recommended Courses
  • covers nv charts Region 1.1 2.1 3.1 3.2 4.1 16.1

Great Plains Mapping      Great Plains Mapping© provides a new generation of depth mapping for the Navico Lowrance HDS and Elite series. Content includes three separate raster maps with vector lake poi, contour, and area features layers. The vector mapping shows the submerged structures (Roads, Foundations, Railroads, Trees, etc.) under lakes. The aerial imagery includes lakes with low water levels (lake Ozarks and Truman are a few). Map coveragae includes Kansas and Missoui.

Kumhomarine Technology      Kumhomarine Technology Co., Ltd. offers charts for korean coastal waters. The base data comes from KOHA officially, and we include additional data such as wrecks, fishing havens province names etc. Only certified users from Kumhomarine can use those charts.

Standard Mapping      Standard Mapping offers an array of Aerial Photo Mapping products for a variety of navigational needs. Products include the "E-Card", digital aerial imaging for Lowrance HDS GPS, the "GPS Routing System", featuring tested GPS Routes through difficult to navigate areas, and full color Printed Aerial Photo Maps.

Today more than 2000 boats uses daily GPSMAPAS in Brazil, including Brazil Navy and Federal Police. We have exclusive places never mapped before with registered routes and maps all over Brazil.

We are the first and the only company with local support in Portuguese and English in Brazil. Please check in our site our exclusive features that includes fishing hotspots, gas station, ATM, restaurant, Marinas with VHF and also emergency call numbers form Brazil Navy all over Brazil and many more. Contact:

Rugged Rocks      Rugged Rocks offers ready to use SD cards with highly detailed Off Road trails, points of interest, ham radio repeaters, roads, highways and aerial photography covering various BLM, Forest Service, OHV Land and private OHV Parks throughout the U.S.

Charted Waters      Finding great fishing spots has never been so easy with Charted Waters interactive fishing charts. Designed by fishermen for fishermen, with new waterways on the east coast of Australia being added regularly. Inland Lakes and estuaries with no previous chart data available are our product and Tuross Lakes, Wagonga Inlet and Lake Mulwala are our initial charts and we aim to add many more.
Doctor Sonar      High Tech Fishing LLC offers unique customized fishing maps for multiple USA states.
  • MN, SD, ND, MT, AK, NC and many more maps coming soon.
  • These maps have been used by competitive anglers and are now available for your Lowrance.
  • Map data customized by Warren Parsons
  • Low water aerial images, high quality depth data and maps unavailable anywhere else.
  • Map cards work with HDS and Elite HDI/CHIRP models