Lake Insight™ HD v14

For HDS Gen2 Touch, HDS Gen2, Elite HDI, and Mark HDI

U.S. inland lake coverage, including the Great Lakes with detailed fishing and navigation information

High-Definition Shaded Relief that provides an enhanced view of underwater structure

700+ new lakes with standard-definition contours (total of 6,300+)

100+ new lakes with high-definition contours (total of 2,300+)

Comes with a free, one-year Premium Insight Genesis subscription ($99 value)

More secure DVD-style packaging

Enhanced Fishing Hot Spots with more than 200,000+ points-of-interest

Lake Insight HD features 20 more levels of high-definition, shaded-relief imagery beyond standard Insight USA charts included with Lowrance HDS - for an easier-to-understand view of the lake floor at all zoom levels.

All of the lower 48 states on a single card

Key Features

  • Superb U.S. cartography for inland-lake fishing, cruising and sailing navigational needs.
  • Each digital map is stored on a micro SD card, with SD card adapter.
  • Each card features available memory space to record, save and transfer data – such as waypoints, routes and trails.
  • Seamlessly create waypoints, routes and points of interest (POI) with Insight Planner™ – the ultimate PC software for inland-lake navigation (not included).

See the full list of lakes here

USD MSRP: $149.00


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