Fishfinder / Chartplotter Combos

Lowrance leads the way to help you find fish and find your way precisely, easily, better

Fishfinder / Chartplotters - Lowrance

The fishfinder / chartplotter combines two core marine electronics technologies into one easy-to-use, integrated system.


Use the fishfinder for a real-time view of baitfish and game fish beneath or to the side of your boat.

Find key fish-holding structure such as rocks, sunken roads and wrecks.

Pinpoint transitions in weed growth and bottom composition, as well as water temperature (thermocline), which often indicate the location of fish.


Use the chartplotter to reveal your boat’s current location and course on inland, inshore or offshore waters – with the added visual support of depth readings, contours and navigational aids.

Place waypoints on fishing hotspots as well as navigational hazards. Plot courses, follow depth contours or create trails of your boat’s path – all for the peace of mind knowing that you can safely navigate with confidence.

For greater mapping definition, all Lowrance chartplotters are compatible with detailed mapping solutions available on microSD card, such as Lowrance Insight, Fishing HotSpots PRO and Navionics.

Performance Plug-ins for HDS

StructureScan HDStructureScan HD sonar imaging system delivers greater resolution and wider range for enhanced underwater images.
GoFree Wireless Add the power of wireless functionality with a WIFI-1 module. Lowrance GoFree Wireless Broadband Radar Two choices; Broadband 3G™ Radar and the brand-new, Broadband 4G™ Radar. Its small size, minimal power requirements and safer transmission energy levels open up the advantages of sophisticated radar to all boats. BroadBand Radar SonicHub A separate, fully waterproof dock connects an iPod, iPhone, or MP3 audio player while keeping it protected and secure. Lowrance SonicHub
LWX-1 Sirius
Satellite Radio
This compact weatherproof antenna is easy to mount, and provides weather display output to one or more HDS units via ethernet networking. LWX-1 Sirius Satellite Radio
Engine /
NMEA 2000®
Networking packages for multi-station sensing and display of boat systems and engine functions.
VHF / AIS All-weather marine VHF radios with fixed DSC models and waterproof handhelds. Features include integral GPS and track-your-buddy, long battery life and easy-to-read screens.