EP-20 Suzuki Engine Inter.

Suzuki Engine Interface
Suzuki Engine Interface. Designed to interface with Suzuki Engines as the Suzuki data provided to the network is not NMEA 2000. Please call the Suzuki Customer service line at 714-572-1490 Suzuki?s part number for the engine interface is 990C0-88034.   The Suzuki Engine Interface provides the following information over the NMEA 2000 network: Engine RPM Alternator Voltage Engine Hours Fuel Flow Engine Trim Fuel Used Trip Fuel Used Seasonal Fuel Used Speed over water (DF300 Only) Water Pressure (DF300 Only) Current Gear (DF300 Only) Standard Diagnostics Overheat Low Oil Pressure Over Rev Low Battery Voltage Available through your Suzuki Dealer   For use with LowranceNET networks with blue connectors (do not connect to red connectors).
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