LWX-1 Sirius® Satellite

Weather and Radio Module

This compact weatherproof antenna is easy to mount, and provides weather display output to one or more HDS units via ethernet networking.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all HDS chartplotter-equipped models via ethernet
  • Attractive, compact and weatherproof antenna designed for easy flush mount to boat deck or pole-mounted versatility
  • Plug-and-Play ethernet connection supplies weather to one or more nertworked HDS displays
  • SIRIUS® Satellite Radio programming via 3.5mm stereo audio jack interface to onboard sound system
  • Internal memory saves up to 30 minutes of weather/environmental data for power interruptions and power off during refuelng
  • SIRIUS® Mariner and Voyager weather subscriptions include the full suite of weather, sea and atmospheric conditions
  • SIRIUS® radio subscription offers over 120 crystal-clear channels, including NASCAR, NFL and college football broadcasts


Other Features

SIRIUS® Inland Weather Service Package:

  • Weather radar and lightning with high resolution
  • 80 nm (92 mile) lightning and radial weather display to 10 nm (11.5 mile) limit from coasts
  • Latest weather forecasting with icons and text for major U.S. cities

SIRIUS® Mariner and Voyager Weather Service Package:

  • Cross-country weather radar and lightning with high resolution
  • Sea-surface temperature with 2 km (1.2 mile) resolution
  • Tropical storm and storm cell tracks
  • 0-3 or 0-48 hour forecast, wave height, wave period and direction
  • Latest weather forecasting with icons and text for major U.S. cities
  • And more

For more information on SIRIUS® Marine Weather, please visit the SIRIUS® Marine Weather FAQ page.

This product is discontinued.


Software Updates

No software available.