AirMap 600C

Colorful aviation handheld with Terrain Awareness that is perfect for precision aerial navigation and flight planning as well as for land or marine travels! Convenient portability brilliant 16-bit color display and offered in a ready-to-fly package!
The AirMap® 600C features Terrain Awareness Obstructions and Safe Flight 21 databases loaded on an MMC/SD card MapCreate? software an MMC/SD card reader-writer a cigarette plug power adapter an advanced active remote antenna a yoke-mount bracket and a suction-cup car mount bracket.  
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Key Features

2.83" (7.2 cm) diagonal 16-bit color TFT display 320V x 240H resolution Terrain Awareness and Lowrance Obstructions databases plus Safe Flight 21 airport taxiway map data Internal 16-parallel channel GPS+WAAS receiver and external RAA-3 Remote Amplifying Antenna

This product is discontinued.


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