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What is Sirius Weather? 
Sirius Marine Weather is a satellite weather service that provides current and forecast weather conditions, weather radar, weather warnings, and storm attributes directly to your Lowrance HDS. 

What is Sirius Marine Weather used for?
By having up to date weather information instantly accessible on your Lowrance HDS you will never be caught off guard by approaching weather again. Seeing the storm track and intensity on your HDS will allow you to know well in advance if the storm will pass you by and allow you to stay on the water, or if it is heading your way. Along with current weather information (see package descriptions below) you also get retail roadside fuel pricing to allow you to find the best price for fuel on the way to the water, and every package also includes Sirius satellite radio.

Where can I receive Sirius Weather?
Sirius Marine Weather is available in North America only in the 48 contiguous states, international waters extending hundreds of miles into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea.

What do I need to get Sirius Weather?
To get Sirius Marine Weather you need the Lowrance LWX-1 and any Lowrance HDS unit with built in charting options (HDS-5x does not work with Sirius marine weather).
The Lowrance LWX-1 connects to the Lowrance HDS via an Ethernet connection; this can be connected directly to the Ethernet port on the HDS or through one of our Ethernet network expansion options. To learn more about Ethernet networking follow this link.