Fred Hall's Fishing, Tackle & Boat Show

March 4 - March 8, 2015

Offshore fishing enthusiasts would have something to look forward to at the Fred Hall’s Fishing, Tackle, and Boat Show.

Freds Hall Boat Show

This event offers an exciting look at the largest selection of fishing boats and accessories in the market. If you want to buy a new boat or get the latest accessories for your current one, be sure to go to this boat show.

Fred Hall’s Fishing, Tackle, and Boat Show is jammed with fishing tackles, gears, and gadgets. It is also noted for useful seminars that can really help improve your game. The Lowrance booth will be at Row 1400. Visit us to see demonstrations of the latest electronic gears for your boat.

Opening Hours:

March 4-6:    1pm - 9pm

March 7:       10am - 8:30pm

March 8:       10am - 7pm


Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
300 E. Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802


Tel: (805) 389-3339

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