SonarHub™ software version 1.26

The Lowrance version 1.26 software update is now available. Recommended for all SonarHub modules, this update provides support for the Airmar TM150M transducer as well as improvements to the SonarHub CHIRP performance.

SonarHub version software update features include:

1) Compatibility with Airmar TM150M transducer
          a. Update is required for performance with the Airmar TM150M transducer.

2) Water Temperature and Transducer ID reading enhancements
          a. The SonarHub module’s ability to identify and read temperature information from Airmar     
             transducers has been enhanced.

3) Improved Auto-Sensitivity performance
          a. SonarHub’s auto-sensitivity mode is improved over previous versions. This improvement is not
             transducer dependent.

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Version 1.26
Release Date July 2nd 2014
File Size 58MB
File Format zip